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Our Top Modules

Patasala Admit

Manage admissions with web enquiries, online registration form, automated follow ups and vacancy dashboard. Get interested applicants only with online registration fee, age validations and required document uploads.

Patasala Workforce

Manage school admin staff and teachers with just necessary access to the software, track attendance, communicate with them through SMS, WhatsApp, email and apps, and generate pay slips considering late attendance and absents

Patasala Academics

Manage student information, flexible assessment models customizable for each class, exam marks with Excel-like data entry, report cards, ranks and attendance topped with insightful student performance analysis

Patasala Connect

Foster parent teacher interaction through in-app messages, WhatsApp, SMS, email and mainly our mobile apps for parents and teachers. Share class diary, bulletins, calendar, upcoming events with app notifications so parents are always up to date with their kids' school life

Patasala Pay

Manage flexible fee plans, collect payments online via net banking, credit/debit card, Google Pay, PayTM Wallet etc from within our parent app, track offline payments, offer concessions, automatic follow up with defaulters, track vendors and bills with approvals, manage financial health with our reports and dashboards

Patasala commute

Track buses, service records, insurance renewals, drivers, routes, transport fee plans based on distance, routing of students and near real-time tracking of buses. Linked with Pay module to provide a single view of all payments to parents and finance teams

App for Management

Insights and alerts
  • Make quick decisions with insights into financial health
  • Get alerts for unusual activity for concessions, fee changes and expenses
Comparative analysis
  • Know which branch, class, section or teacher is doing better relative to others
  • View scheduled reports directly delivered in our management app without having to ask for them

App for Parents

Academics, performance and communication
  • Access attendance, homework, assignments, marks, grades and messages
  • Interact with teachers, join online classes and submit homework
Secure online fee payments
  • Pay with a credit card, UPI or net banking from within the app
  • Download receipts, view upcoming dues and get reminders

App for Teachers / Staff

Academics and day to day tasks
  • Create and share online assignments, class diary, track attendance and enter marks
  • Manage online classes and join Google Meet or Zoom meetings from within the app
Connect with parents
  • Send SMS, email, in-app message or call parents from within the app
  • Approve leave requests, track attendance
  • Receive messages from parents within the app without having to share your contact information

Web portal for Administrators

Setup and customize without our help
  • Grant roles and access to staff members
  • Schedule automatic reminders to parents for timely payments and overdue notifications
  • Create approval rules for concessions & expenses, customize report cards, bonafide certificate etc
Support teachers and other staff efficiently
  • Excel like data entry for bulk operations like shuffling sections, assigning languages, reordering roll numbers and more
  • Generate hall tickets or report cards for a section in one click
  • Access various reports and quickly get answers for academics or financial queries brochure

Download our brochure to share with your team in WhatsApp brochure

Download our brochure to share with your team in WhatsApp